The majority of products available at The Doula Shop are available exclusively as digital downloads. This means that our products can only be downloaded online and that no tangible product will be sent or delivered to you on completion of purchase. While this may seem a little unconventional, we feel that this allows us to keep product costs lower and our products are able to be delivered literally around the globe within a matter of seconds.

Rights that come with the purchase of a digital product include the ability to privately share the purchased product with clients, friends, and family freely without limitation. You may not post digital products in any public venue online. Public venue is described as any website or file-sharing service You also may freely print an unlimited number of tangible copies of certain digital products such as hand outs and other reference and informational materials, except where otherwise noted. So for example, say you run a small doula business for yourself and you purchase a handout to share with your clients. You are free to print and unlimited number of copies to use as you please.

Exceptions to the unlimited use policy include personal training materials and group/partnership use of materials.  One personal copy of our training manuals and materials may be printed for personal use only. Printing multiple copies of training manuals is not permitted without special permission. Additionally, products to be used in group/partnership settings requires purchase of a group license. Please contact us for licensing requests.

Under no circumstance may our products be re-posted or re-sold in any venue, tangible or virtual. You may not sell physical copies of our digital materials.

Because of the nature of digital products — that is, digital products cannot be returned — we do not offer refunds on the purchase of digital products. Consequently, we attempt to provide as much information as possible about the quality and nature of our products so that an informed decision can be made before completing the purchase of any of our products. If you have any questions about the purpose, quality, or intent of a particular product, please contact us before completing your purchase. No refunds are available. All sales are final.