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Ever wonder what you should do or say at that first interview or prenatal visit?  Perhaps you know to get some kind of information and maybe create a birth plan, but really don’t know where to start. The Doula Foundations Course guides you through the process of creating a birth care plan.  Based on the concept of evidence-based care, this course provides you with a strong foundation in the skills needed to evaluate needs and carry out a client-centered birth care plan.

Please note: THIS PRODUCT IS FOR NON-CERTIFICATE, PERSONAL ENRICHMENT ONLY. To register for the birth doula training program, visit our doula training registration page. Also note, this is a series of digital products. No printed materials will be shipped. No refunds on digital products.

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For those seeking access to materials used in our birth doula training course without the commitment to register, get access to the same set of materials that our new students get after registration without going through the registration process. Additionally, the cost of the starter kit can be applied to your registration fees should you decide to register for our online certification at a later date in time.

Taught in the Doula Foundations Course are assessment skills, which:

  1. Provides research on the benefits of doulas and the needs of laboring mothers.
  2. Provides a framework to help you assess the needs of a laboring woman and how to provide supportive care for those needs. This includes an in-depth look at pain and anxiety.
  3. Provides coursework on where and how to find good research, as well as a basic understanding of research papers.

The intended audience for the starter kit include potential doula students, high school and college students with interest in birth-related fields, family members of expectant mothers including spouses, mothers, siblings, and so on.

Included in the Birth Doula Training Starter Kit:

  • Overview sheet (explanation of materials) – 1 page, 105 KB
  • Main course (Doula Foundations Course) – part 1(assessment of pain and anxiety) – 99 pages, 1,135 KB
  • Case studies (series of 10 studies referenced elsewhere in the course) – 35 pages, 158 KB
  • Assignment checklist – 1 page, 57 KB
  • Birth packet (includes doula skills checklist and worksheet for assembling final birth packet. Doula skills training not included in starter kit) – 13 page, 96 KB
  • Web-based third-party content (links that are referenced throughout the training materials.) – 19 pages, 205 KB

Also included in the overview sheet is a coupon code for discounts on the cost of our birth doula training registration.

NOT INCLUDED in the Starter Kit:

  • Instructor support and feedback
  • Certification (the starter kit is for personal enrichment only, but may be used to prepare students waiting to register for the training/certification course.)
  • Childbirth course – part 2(sold separate, coming soon)
  • Doula skills course – part 3(sold separate, coming soon)


Please note: This is a series of digital products. No printed materials will be shipped. No refunds on digital products.

DISCLAIMER: These materials are provided for informational and demonstrative purposes only and may not be used to replace, override, or substitute the advice of a qualified physician or midwife. The author or publisher of these materials cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects resulting from use of information contained within these manuals and guidebooks.

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