New Handout on Action Steps in Second Stage Labor

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We’ve just released a new handout with complimenting coloring page on action steps in second stage labor for doulas to use in their prenatal visits with clients and potential clients. The inspiration for this handout came from a AWHONN webinar which was published in 2014 about nursing care and management of second stage labor. Action Steps for Second Stage Labor - Handout Preview

Rachel, the instructor at New Beginnings Doula Training, –while taking notes from the webinar– diagrammed out the different scenarios surrounding what is commonly termed in the medical field as second stage labor. Second stage labor has reference to that period of time right before the baby is ready to come out until the placenta is delivered.

The diagram takes two pivotal indicators: the urge to push and whether or not the mother is fully dilated (which is checked by the client’s medical provider). With these two indicators in mind, the handout helps to illustrate how and where a doula can assist during this period of labor.

Action Steps for Second Stage Labor - Coloring Page Preview

In addition to the full color diagram, which is designed to be visually clarifying and engaging, a black and white outline copy of the handout also comes with the purchase price. This coloring page copy can be used when coloring ink in your printer is not available. Additionally, having coloring page versions and crayons available when talking with a mother who has other small children will be helpful to keep the conversation on track by engaging both mother and her children.

View handout and coloring page.

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